Report of the 1st Annual London Cup 2008

University of Mainz's Mr Hyun against Sweden's Henrik Johansson - Photo Courtesy of Caleb Crane @

Following a huge buildup and PR campaign the 1st Annual London Cup Kendo Tournament was a tremendous success. The Event was an open tournament to all grades and countries and included male and female individual divisions as well as a 5 person Team event. Spread over three days the event attracted huge support and interest from all over Europe and the World. There were 32 Teams registered and over 150 participants from 13 different countries including: Korea, Japan, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Russia, France.

Many Teams also included National Team members who used the tournament for valuable experience following Helsinki's European Championships, and gearing up to 2009's World Championship in Brazil. The Italian, Swedish, Austrian, British and Portugeuse National Teams put in a particularly strong presence, and with International opponents such as Waseda University students and a Former Korean National Team member, its easy to see why National Teams and club level practioners alike were all thrilled to compete.

We hope to build further upon this years success, and with the support of our friends and our Sponsor Sankei International, to make the London Cup one of the biggest events on the European Kendo Calendar.

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